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Yellowwood Coral, Lucy Slivinski

YellowWood_largeLucy Slivinski
Yellowwood Coral, 2006
Bicycle frames, basketball hoops, scrap metal

Location: Bartholomew County Recycling Center, 720 South Mapleton Street





“Everything has a force. This live force is the common element that links my existence to nature and to society. It is my belief that a common thread links all things in life. This thread or chain has many branches radiating out from a single core. In my work, each piece I create is not separate from the next. They are linked through thought, process, belief and experience.”

Lucy Slivinski utilizes a wide array of industrial materials including: salvaged metal, plastic and glass. Steel scrap is a resource valued by all global communities and scrap yards are found all over the world. Each salvage yard is unique to its location by the kind of scrap it receives. Collecting many of the materials as much for their embedded history and functions as for their aesthetic potential, Slivinski transforms these ordinary things into sculpture. Slivinski emphasizes the inherent nature of the materials which in turn dictates the nature of her construction process. She often selects salvage that is linear. By weaving the linear elements into a form she creates rhythm and movement. This then divulges the piece’s energy and spirit. Some of her building processes are welding, crocheting, weaving, binding, baling and ind coiling. Other techniques Slivinski invents to suit her needs.

Given Slivinski’s varied approach to different processes and materials and her focus on line, there is a continued interplay
between industrial and organic, between hard and soft, and between solid and ethereal forms.

“My commitment to the creative act in the moment is what connects me to all other living things. The work I produce directly represents my life force and where I am with theworld. It is a chain that marks time.”