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Transformations, Howard Meehan

Transformation_MeehanHoward Meehan
Transformations, 2010
Dichroic glass, stainless steel

Location: IUPUC campus, 4601 Central Avenue




Transformations is a nearly 30-foot-tall stainless steel sculpture with three pillars of dichroic glass and a polished steel ring. As light hits the glass, it is split into differing wavelengths creating different colored reflections on the surrounding structure. The large ring, suspended and encircling the glass, shifts in the wind. It is meant to be an identifying landmark on the IUPUC campus and serve as a front door project as a place for people to relax and reflect.

Around the outer wall of the structure is a quote from Benjamin Disraeli, former British prime minister and literary figure. “A University Must be a Place of Light, of Liberty, and of Learning.”