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Skopos, Rick Bauer

Skopos_BauerRick Bauer
Skopos, 1979

Location: Mill Race Park, 900 Lindsey Street






Skopos, loosely translated from the Greek as “The Watcher,” is a 1-ton sculpture along the People Trail in Mill Race Park. The steel sculpture is imposing, with sleek, curving lines and representative of a tree. Created by local artist, Rick Bauer, the piece was named through a contest.

During a devastating flood in 2008, the piece floated away (when it was moved to its present site it wasn’t secured to its base since it was so heavy) and was found downstream weeks later. Rick Bauer came back to Columbus to oversee the cleaning and re-installation. Bauer also has a piece in front of Donner Center titled Cannon.