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Public Feedback Sought on Options for The Crump Theatre

Community members are invited to participate in a discussion of alternatives for the renovation and reuse of The Crump Theatre at a public meeting Thursday, April 24 at the Cal Brand Meeting Room in City Hall. This is the second opportunity for the public to hear alternatives researched and provide feedback regarding the future of The Crump.

The meeting will feature a presentation by The Crump Theatre consultants Jones & Phillips Associates Inc., time for comments and questions, a table model display of the Crump Theatre, wall posters of five Crump site options that include the pros and cons of each, and a means for each member of the public to express his or her preferred option.

“We are carefully considering restoring this treasured community asset to its former grandeur and exploring its potential to become a multi-purpose performing arts facility,” Mayor Kristen Brown said. “I encourage all community members to attend to learn more and provide their feedback on the possibilities for The Crump and performing arts in Columbus.”

Mayor Brown and members of the Crump Feasibility Study Steering Committee will be attending the meeting. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. Thursday with site options on the walls available for public review. The presentation starts at 5:30 p.m.

The Analysis of the Crump Feasibility Report and the consultants’ presentation can be viewed on the Columbus Redevelopment Commission’s website at