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Modern Totem, Martin Beach

ModernTotemMartin Beach
Modern Totem, 2014


This permanent sculpture was commissioned by the Columbus Area Arts Council and the Columbus Museum of Art & Design and installed in 2014 to celebrate the renovation of Library Plaza.

Location: Bartholomew County Public Library plaza, 536 Fifth Street.


Columbus sculptor Martin Beach created the 8,000-pound mesabi black granite, which came from a Babbit, Minnesota quarry. The sculpture is an obelisk form consisting of two stacked, black granite stones, creating a modern and minimal interpretation of a totem, an ancient symbol of community, gathering, and family. “At the same time, I am implying that extension of the vertical infinite, creating an upward swirl of motion that forms a fluctuating visual energy,” said sculptor Beach. “My hope is the sculpture is not interpreted as a static and stoic form, but one that is very much alive.” The library’s stone steps came from the same quarry as these granite stones.

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