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March is Disabilities Awareness Month

Each March, in honor of Disabilities Awareness Month, the Columbus Area Arts Council partners with Very Special Arts Indiana (VSAI) to reach the disabled population in our community. With VSAI, the Arts Council presents an arts festival that involves 250 to 300 students from six separate school districts. These students have moderate to severe emotional and physical disabilities and range in age from 3 years old to 12th grade.  The Arts Festival is a day- long event that is separated into a morning session and an afternoon session.  The Arts Council hires fourteen artists (singers, storytellers, clay artists, painters, dancers and musicians) and each student will see four artists. At the end of each session the students get together for a group activity.

This unique art festival offers these students an opportunity to use adaptive equipment that allows them to experience art-making for the first time. When it comes to the arts, many of these students have only been passive observers. Thousands of disabled students have been served by VSA Arts and the Columbus Area Arts Council.