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Large Arch, Henry Moore

LargeArch_MooreHenry Moore
Large Arch, 1971
20′ x 12′

Location: Cleo Rogers Memorial Library, 536 Fifth Street



One of the most recognizable images in Columbus, Moore’s piece is 20′ tall, 12′ wide and weighs 5 1/2 tons. The piece was sandcast in bronze in 50 sections in West Germany. Moore was inspired by nature and created the centerpiece for the Library Plaza as a sculpture that could be walked through and around. The organic shape and texture was chosen as a juxtaposition to the recta-linear nature of the library and First Christian Church, located across Fifth Street.

The piece was constructed in West Germany, brought over on a ship to the port of New Orleans, loaded onto a barge to travel up the Mississippi to Louisville, and up I-65 on a flat bed trailer.

Gift of Xenia S. and J. Irwin Miller.