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Gathr Preview Series Announced for YES Cinema

YES Cinema and Columbus, IN is just ONE of SIXTEEN communities across the country being invited to participate in an exciting new program designed to bring not-yet-released films to the YES Cinema screen prior to their release to the major markets. This partnership with Gathr should whet your appetite and leave you longing for more and more. And more is on the way. A new movie each week for 52 weeks. The Gathr Film Series starts in October and will continue each week thereafter. If the series is successful and resonates well with our loyal customers it will continue throughout the year with exciting new movies each week.

Please CLICK HERE to learn more about the Gathr Preview Series.

Gathr Preview Series 2013

In October 2013, Gathr Films is launching an ongoing program with 16 theaters across the country providing theaters with prime-time one-night only screening slots (Thursday nights in Columbus at YES Cinema) and available each week. The screenings are programmed with films that are set for wider release the following month by Gathr’s distribution partners. Audiences in each market have the exciting opportunity to see a movie before anyone else – even before NYC and LA audiences. Customers can purchase tickets to individual screenings or they can purchase a membership and attend all screenings at a much-reduced rate! A three month package ticket is available as well. Screenings will be surrounded by Q&A’s, promotions and incentives to engage and grow the audience.

Opportunities for YES Cinema:

  • Fill seats for off-night screening slots
  • Grow our audience with an exciting and unique entertainment property
  • Tons of promotions, events and incentives keep our audiences engaged year-round
  • Create new opportunities for our loyal audiences
  • Gauge interest for running the film later
  • Exciting preview program sets YES Cinema apart from our competition

Markets: Pittsburgh – Portland – Providence (RI) – Phoenix – Boulder – Mobile – Kansas City – Little Rock – Boston – Bellingham (WA) – Juneau (AK) – Detroit –Tallahassee – New Orleans – Eugene (OR) – Columbus (IN)