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Faculty Exhibit at IUCA+D Columbus

Kelly Wilson and Kevin Lair, the newly appointed faculty of the IUCA+D, will present a selection of works from each of their diverse practices including painting, drawing and site-specific installation. The exhibition opens February 3rd. Kelly Wilson’s work reflects his engagement with design and visual invention through drawing and painting from perceptual observation to architectural representation.  Kevin Lair’s site specific installation includes built form with two-dimensional work.

Wilson and Lair share the belief in the value of multiple approaches to inform and to re-define the practice and application of design.   As representatives of IUCA+D, Wilson and Lair are working on initiatives to address a new, international, educational model for design and visual thinking and to expand the role of design within the cultural and economic communities of Columbus by working with local organizations, businesses, schools and individuals.  IUCA+D Columbus is a platform to investigate new directions, applications and definitions for art and design, formed through a unique partnership between Columbus and Indiana University, Bloomington.

Wilson is an associate professor and the director of the IUCA+D and Lair is an assistant professor working within IUCA+D. Both are faculty of AMID within the College of Arts and Sciences at IU Bloomington.  Wilson and Lair have taught in architecture and design programs prior to arriving this year at Indiana University to work with the city of Columbus at IUCA+D.  They also have maintained professional practices in art, architecture and design.

The gallery is handicap accessible and there is public parking available on Jackson street.

Kelly Wilson and Kevin Lair, Selected Works
Exhibition at IUCA+D Columbus

IUCA+D Columbus Gallery
310 Jackson Street

Exhibition runs through March 30, 2011