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Crack the Whip, Jo Saylors

CrackWhip_SaylorsJo Saylors
Crack the Whip, 1998

Location: Firefighters & Police Memorial Plaza (Second Street)




A 4-foot tall bronze of four kids playing crack the whip, a children’s game dating to the late 1800s. The piece is meticulous in detail, right down to the wrinkles in the clothes and the off-balanced feel at the point in time depicted.

Commissioned by Mr. and Mrs. James K. Baker as a gift to honor Arvin employees, the piece was originally placed at the former Arvin Corporate HQ. After Arvin left the building, the Baker’s exercised their option to have the piece relocated to a spot more accessible to the public. The piece was gifted to Heritage Fund–The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County and was moved to it’s current location.

A native of Oklahoma, Saylors is most famous for her life-like representation of children.