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Chaos I, Jean Tinguely

Chaos_TinguelyJean Tinguely
Chaos I, 1974
Scrap metal, assemblage
30 feet tall, 7 tons

Location: The Commons, 300 Washington Street






Chaos I is a kinetic assemblage commissioned by Mr. J. Irwin and Mrs. Xenia S. Miller and Mrs. Clementine Tangeman in 1971 for the former Commons Mall. Swiss artist Jean Tinguely was chosen by Cesar Pelli, architect of the original Commons Mall. Tinguely used locally obtained materials and, under his supervision, local crafts people helped to build the sculpture. The work represents one of his main statements: “Life is movement.” Meant to be the focal point of The Commons like an old town clock in a town square.

Balls drop between noon and 1PM and 5PM and 6PM daily. The sculpture includes 12 motors that can be programmed for various sequences. One function that is no longer working is that the entire sculpture once rotated 80 degrees on its base.

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