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Bedford Artist to Create Governor’s Arts Awards

Bedford, Indiana stone sculptor, William Galloway has been commissioned to create the 2013 Indiana Governor’s Arts Awards.

Galloway began working with Indiana limestone in the 1980s, apprenticing under the renowned carvers Henry Morris and Clarence Hayes at the Bybee Stone Company in Ellettsville, Indiana. Galloway achieved the position of Master Carver at Bybee and led projects including the carving of window tracery for the National Cathedral and statuary for the Iowa State Capitol.

Now working independently, Galloway maintains a reputation as one of the best sculptors in the Indiana stone belt. He founded Angelo Stone Company in 1994, and began receiving commissions from architects, individuals and stone carving companies.

“Stone carving is the dark horse of traditional Indiana art,” Galloway said. “I am honored to have my proposal selected to represent this important award.”